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Crossdresser hong kong Jun 23, - Kangin, Ryeowook, Siwon, and Sungmin — crossdressing and performing as Ga-in, Bada, Son Dambi, and Hyuna respectively. I am a part time CD from Hong Kong, would like to know all sisters around the world. Hong Kong crossdresser – Ad ID: Hong Kong crossdresser - Image 1 · Location: Hong Kong. Posted yesterday. My wechat. Crossdresser Beauty House in Hong Kong. likes. Crossdresser Beauty House knows you want to be more feminine, we can help you to make the dreams.

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Crossdresser hong kong Posted by Angiewatson17 5 yrs ago I moved to HK upon marriage 18 months ago, it was a bit of whirl wind thing having only met him 6 months previous but at 42 I did think having been married before this was it finally it.

A couple of days latter she called me and asked me to meet up as she wished to talk. I am the sort that likes to think I can accept people as they are regardless of gender religion or sexuality, I just feel he had a duty to tell me before we wed.

Angiewatson17 4 yrs ago Heard someone say this week that if cross dressing isn't illegal in Crossdresser hong kong it will be shortly? The particular guy I know seems to be to be bi or perhaps secretly gay, and is quite feminine and gay-ish in his mannerisms but he does have a wife, and has produced a child etc, crossdresser hong kong.

Jan 23, - Hong Kong crossdresser. I am a part time CD from Hong Kong, would like to know all sisters around the world. Gloss is a discrete private beauty studio located in Hong Kong specializing in male to female transformations by appointment.